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Bhandardara - An Ideal Monsoon Getaway

Randha Waterfalls
State: Maharashtra

Location: In Ahmednagar Districts, around 185 km from Mumbai

Famous for: Quaint hills, scenic beauty, roaring waterfalls

Serves as: Ideal weekend destination, picnic spot and monsoon retreat

About Bhandardara in Maharashtra

Wish to witness the how monsoon seems to create magic on the embraced Sahyadri Hills, then rush to Bhandardara which seems to explain the same with vivid details. Bhandadara is a small getaway located in Ahmednagar districts of Maharashtra. Much popular among Mumbaikars, locales and other tourists, Bhandadara seems to succeed in creating magic within the Sahyadri Hills with its roaring waterfalls, lush environs and scenic beauty. Its an ideal getaway for people who wish to spend their weekends or even holidays away from the hustles and bustles of the city. The small village of Bhandardara seems to attract tourists throughout the year. What's more attractive about this place, one may not be able to define; is it the picturesque beauty that haunts you or the fluorescent green paddy fields that create the magic or the streams which rush crisscross over the area or I am sure it must be the nature overall casting its spell. Bhandardara is an ideal retreat for nature lover and overall for tourists who enjoy eco-tourism.

Best time to visit Bhandardara

Bhandadara can be visited by tourists throughout the year, but ideally it is suppose to be a monsoon retreat. Bhandardara is equally beautiful in winters but one who wishes to enjoy the splash should ideally visit Bhandardara in monsoons.

What to do in Bhandardara

Just Relax

Enjoy the magical spell of the nature

Enjoy the breeze

Enjoy splash in the waterfalls Bhandardara is famous for

Visit the lake

Enjoy places of interest

Enjoy the scenic boat rides on the Bhandardara lake.

Go hiking on Harishchandragad

Go trekking on some of the most challenging treks

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Where and what to eat in Bhandardara

There are many restaurants in Bhandardara where you get local food which comprises of simple varan - bhat (dal rice). One can also enjoy freshwater fish delicacies here in amny restaurants. Regular breakfast and snack items comprise of Maharashtrian delicacies including misal pav, usal pav and various other sweets. MTDC's Nath Restaurant is very popular for its Indian, Chinese and Gujarathi cuisine. Nath Restaurant is open from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. Additionally there are many other restaurants in Bhandardara where one can expect good food.

Where to stay in Bhandardara

The ideal place to stay which dominates the accommodation facilities overall and has been popular among tourists is the MTDC Holiday Resort Bhandardara, which comprises of 10 Deluxe rooms, 6 Lakeside Cottage, 8 standard rooms, 9 Special rooms and One dormitory for group accommodation. The resort offers beautiful view of Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake. Other than the MTDC Accommodation facility there are many hotels and resort which offer comfortable accommodation in Bhandardara.

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Places of interest in Bhandardara

Wilson Dam

 Wilson Dam is one of the largest earthern dams in India. It is one of the main attractions of Bhandardara given its picturesque location amidst dense greenery and flowing streams.

Arthur Lake

This one also serves as a prime attractions given its location amidst lush green environs. Boating options are available on this lake.


 Serving as one of the treks for adventure sport lovers, this fort has lot of history to tell. Once captured by Shivaji Maharaj, Ratangad is located within the vicinity of MTDC Resort.

Randha Falls

 Also serves as a prime tourist attraction, with its roaring waterfalls usually ideal to visit during monsoons. Randha Falls are technically the third largest falls in India.

Mount Kalsubai

 One of the highest peak on the Sahyadri Mountain range, Bhandardara serves as a popular trekking spot for adventure sports lover. The trek is demanding though.

Activities in Bhandardara

Fishing / Angling

 Arthur Lake provides various fishing options on the shore. Fishes are in abundance in the lake and one can expect a good catch. But no boats are allowed to be used while fishing. Selected area has been made available within the lake for fishing opportunities.

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