Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kondeshwar Waterfall near Thane

State: Maharashtra

Location: 10 km from Badlapur Railway Station

Famous for: Waterfall, Lord Shiva Temple

Serves as: Ideal Picnic spot, Religious place, Waterfall

About Kondeshwar Waterfalls:

Kondeshwar Waterfall is one of the most popular picnic spot near Thane, ideal to be visited in monsoons. This waterfall has a good splash and is located amidst dense greenery. The presence of the ancient Shiva Temple adds beauty of the existing waterfall. The Kondeshwar Waterfall is popular among young enthusiasts and waterfall lovers. This waterfall is usually crowded during weekends and on holidays. This waterfall is located exactly 10 km from Badlapur Station which falls on the Central rail route of Mumbai. Kondeshwar Waterfall serves as an ideal escapade from the hustles of crowded city. The small temple of Lord Shiva and the waterfall as a perfect picture backdrop nestled among dense forest area of Badlapur.

The Lord Shiva Temple serves as a religious place and is flocked by pilgrims during Shivratri and Mahashivratri.

Best time to visit Kondeshwar Waterfall:

Kondeshwar Waterfall is at its best during monsoons, as the area is covered with dense greenery and mystic clouds. The waterfall too has a big splash, as the area receives good rainfall. But you can visit Kondeshwar Waterfall throughout the year.

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Where to stay in Kondeshwar Waterfall:

There are couple of resort and lodge accommodation available near Kondeshwar Waterfall. Few accommodation facilities nearby include:

Rainy Resort & Waterpark
Near Satsang Vihar
Hendra Pada
Badlapur (west)

Telephone number:  +91-251-2672490 / 91

Bhoj Resort
Bhoj Dam
Kondeshwar Road
Badlapur (west)

Telephone number:  +91-251-2910382

Facts about Kondeshwar Waterfall:

No wonder Kondeshwar Waterfall is one of the popular picnic spots near Thane. Yet there are reports of various fatal accidents here in Kondeshwar Waterfall. There are many hidden rock crevices within the water, which are known to be grave danger for the swimmers and people who venture into the shallow pool below.  So it better to be careful and please avoid going towards the deep edges of the waterfall.

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