Monday, March 21, 2011

How to reach Pandavkada Waterfalls?

Pandavkada Waterfalls can be easily accessed by roads and train. Here's how:

By train: Kharghar is in Navi Mumbai and can be accessed to Harbour route. Catch up a train from Mumbai CST from the Harbour route and with one and half hour you are at Kharghar. As soon as you get down at Kharghar Station, take richshaws which will take you to the waterfalls. You can also get down at Nerul Station and take up a bus or taxi.

By road: If you plan to travel down to Pandavkada Waterfalls by car, then take the Sion-Panvel Highway to reach Kharghar. Other than the train route, many prefer the bus route to Kharghar. There are many buses by KDMT, NMMT and BEST that connect Kharghar to Kalyan, Thane and Mumbai respectively. Few buses include:

NMMT bus no. 26 and 29 from Thane, 44 (Dombivli), 52(Taloja), 53(CBD), 54(Ghansoli).

Best Bus no. 504 (Vadala), 503(Sion), AS-503(Wadala)

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  1. Best way to reach Pandavkada is, take NMMT bus no 52 from Kharghar Station. You can catch same bus from Ship Chawk, Sector 20 Kharghar. This bus has good frequency. Bus will drop you near Central Park. You can clearly see Water fall from Road. Now you need walk towards Pandavkada Water fall it will take around 10 to 15 minutes.

    No Richshaws or Taxi get you to directly to Pandavkada Waterfall, they will drop you at same location where the bus will drop you. You will get Richshaws from Kharghar station to Pandavkada Waterfall easily but there will be less/no Richshaws for return to Kharghar Station. I like to suggest you take NMMT bus no 52 from Kharghar Station.

    I suggest you do not take Taxi from Nerul Station also there are very less frequency of Bus from Nerul. Reach directly to Kharghar Station.

    1. thank you! planning to go there soon :)

    2. Thanks will try ur way

  2. This a very good information for me because I am trying to find number of sites and blogs, but knowing the real information about How To ReachPandavkada Waterfalls . Thanks for sharing.

  3. In evening there is no problems na on way to return to home ???we will get rikshwa aur bus na??? Or we could face problems????


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