Friday, August 19, 2011

Haji Malang near Kalyan

State: Maharashtra

Location: 13 km from Kalyan in Thane District

Famous for: Holy Dargah of Hajrat Haji Malang

Serves: Religious Place, Adventure Lover Spot, Picnic Spot, Nature Lover's Spot

About Haji Malang:

Located on Malang Gad, Haji Malang is one of the most popular pilgrim centers both for Hindus as well as Muslim. Haji Malang is located just 13 km from Kalyan and forms one of the most visited places in Thane District. This place has lot of religious belief attached to it and people from all over the state visit Haji Malang to connect to God.  This religious Dargah is said to be more than 750 - 900 years old.One has to climb the Malang Gad to reach the Holy Dargah of Hajrat Haji Malang, by means of steps.  There are several shops and stalls that serves food, cold drinks, religious items, toys as well as caps for the visitors.

The location of Haji Malang is very scenic, as it is placed amidst high hill range within dense greenery. Haji Malang also serves as an adventure spot as many trekking activities are carried on by adventure sports lovers. Due to the scenic location, Haji Malang also serves as a beautiful picnic spot, which people from neighboring places prefer visiting on weekends. Festivals such as Id make Haji Malang very crowded.

Best time to visit Haji Malang: 

The best time to visit Haji Malang is from August to early March. Pilgrims should avoid visiting Haji Malang during monsoons, as the steps may get a little slippery due to rain. But adventure lovers, nature lovers as well as trekkers who wish to take a fresh breath as well as nice look of greenery can definitely visit Haji Malang during Monsoons. One may come across many small waterfalls on their way to Haji Malang.

Read How to reach Haji Malang Gad

Where to stay in Haji Malang:

Haji Malang has poor accommodation facilities. People visiting Haji Malang usually finish off their trip within a day and hence does not require to stay overnight at Haji Malang. However there are few lodging options in Kalyan for those who wish to stay overnight near Haji Malang. But there is no accommodation facility on the Malang Gad.

Traveling Tips for visitors:

Due to poor accommodation facility try finishing your trip in a day.

Its ideal to visit the Dargah and get down the hill before it gets dark

Don't forget to carry your water bottles.

Beware of beggars who make you a bit irritated. Don't entertain them at all.

Beware of monkeys. 


  1. My kid was attacked by monkeys while he was eating popcorns on the steps. The monkeys are very scary out there.

    But the monsoons made the place beautiful

  2. Hi Shrinivas

    Sad to know about what happened with you here in Haji Malang. But I've been hearing such incidents for quite some time. Good to know you had a great time. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Maruti FloweristJuly 21, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    I think you have not Visited Haji malang From Last 10 years,
    Accommodation facility in Hajimalang Is now much developed.
    Specially "MARUTI FLOWERIEST".


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