Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bhadra Maruti Temple in Aurangabad

Bhadra Maruti Mandir

State: Maharashtra

Location: 30 km from Aurangabad

Famous for: Sleeping idol of Hanuman

Serves as: Religious Destination

About Bhadra Maruti Temple:

Located within the Khuldabad Town of Aurangabad District, Bhadra Maruti Temple is one of the sacred destinations of Maharashtra and is visited by many pilgrims and visitors from all over the world. Bhadra Maruti is one such idol of Hanuman which is in a sleeping position. This temple witnesses many visitors who believe that any wish can come true if a person visits this temple consecutively for at least 5 or 7 or even 21 Saturdays. Saturdays are pretty crowded at Bhadra Maruti Temple. As per the legendary tales attached to this sleeping idol of Hanuman, it is said that When Lord Laxman in Ramayana, was hurt and Hanuman set off to get Sanjivani Herb for him; this was the palce where Hanuman rested for a awhile and thus the place is been graced by his holy touch. Hence the idol that is found within the Bhadra Hanuman Temple is in the sleeping statue.

Where to stay near Bhadra Hanuman Temple:

The temple trust has made a provision of guest house for those travelers whi visit the temple earlier night and plan to perform the puja the very next morning. Such pilgrims get to stay within the guesthouse of the temple and participate in morning rituals.

What to shop at Bhadra Maruti Temple:

You find many hawkers selling pooja items and other items at Bhadra Maruti Temple, but the must buy is the famous Kandi Pedhas that you find here sold by the sweet shops. These pedhas (mawa cakes) are very fresh and tasty.

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